Full name

Carol Greenwood




I first started painting in Tokyo in 2004, and since then have developed a passion for art. Painting takes me into a world of discovery on the effects of colour. I believe my style to be impressionist meets figurative surrealism, but I am always trying out new techniques and subject matter.

I paint mainly for pleasure, but the pieces on this site are for sale unless specified as sold, commissioned or private collection. For any details of size or prices, please send me an email. Most canvasses can be removed from the frame for easier postage. I also do commissions so feel free to contact me.

Courses I have taken:
- 5 day Betty Edwards workshop at RBR, Tokyo
- 1 year Colour Theory and oil painting classes, Tokyo
- Art & Design Portfolio college course, Scotland
- 9 month painting course, Amsterdam
- 2 year painting course, Paris
- 4 year life-drawing course, Paris
- 2 year painting course, Southern California